Solo Photography Exhibitions

2018 - Secrets and Shadows The Hall of Solomon Museum. (Click for more Info)

2010: Artists' House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009: Nitzan Settlement (permanent exhibition)

2006: The Other Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005: Kumkum Library and Cafe, Jerusalem

2005: Matan Seminary, Jerusalem

2005: Ofra Gallery, Ofra

2004: Dada Photography School, Jerusalem

1988: Kfar Maccabiah, Ramat Gan.

Group Photography Exhibitions

2019 Museum "On the Seam" Jerusalem.

2019 ULM Museum Germany.

2018 Franken Museum, Germany.

2018: Prima Hotel Tel Aviv

2018: The Jerusalem Theatre

2017: Jewish Museum, Berlin (click for more info).

2017: HaGoshrim Hotel & Nature Resort - Permanent Exhibition 

2017:The Art Shelter, Jerusalem

2016: Amiad Gallery, Tel Aviv

2016: Talpiot College, Holon

2015: "Biennale" for Jewish Art, Jerusalem

2014: Jewish Education Insitute, Jerusalem

2011: Art Gallery, Jerusalem

2009: Hillel Gallery, Jerusalem

2008: Oman Gallery, Jerusalem

2007: Artists' House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2006: Begin Center, Jerusalem

2004: Rabin House, Jerusalem

1988: The New Workshop, Rishon Letzion

1987: Rapp Gallery, Tel Aviv

1987: Tivon Gallery, Tivon