The series of thorns - End of Days

Like a thorn, wants to grow old, to move from living beauty to dead beauty. Thorn, who is an old flower, who refused to leave the world and penetrated to recognize another, whose nails are stretched out to the wind, with a stinging victory over death

I wrote the song when I was a girl. Today, when I'm already in the mid-fifties, I begin to have a dialogue with old age that is already on the horizon. This song floated inside me again and made me look for the flower in the thorn, to reveal the beauty of this stage of my life. Through photography, I re-examine the thorn, emphasizing its beauty and giving it a renewed flowering, through painting and exposure to light.

I chose the name of "the end of days" for this series, because in the combination of these words lies the meaning of old age and death, but there is also mention of prophecies that deal with the period of redemption. This period of the Messianic era is also called "the end of days". Ezekiel the prophet in the prophecy of "the vision of the dry bones," describes how dry bones of dead people, will return to form and return to life. The thorns in my work are an image and metaphor of dry bones that return to life

I believe that we live in this period of redemption. The people of Israel, who were already "dry bones" after 2,000 years of exile, return to their land and reawaken it. The series of thorns of "End of Days" embodies a personal dimension of dialogue with old age, but also a collective dimension of the renewal and prosperity of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel