Nature - צילומי הטבע


Artist Statement - Nature

I asked for a camera at the age of 10 because I lay down on a daisies filed after a very rainy winter and suddenly it occurred to me that if I had a camera, I would photograph them in such a way to resemble a jungle. So, at the age of 10 I got my first camera.

I grew up in the city on the south coast, in a villa overlooking orange groves and the sea. My childhood was filled with dunes, climbing on trees, the "Tzophim" youth movement and a lot of nature and sea. My relationship with photography began filming nature, and over the years this motif became a big part of photos. Nature for me is an existential need and the kind of deep emotional connection to the source of power and spirituality.

Nature has some discovery of a fleeting moment, a movement, a light beam and so on. Several of the photos have a profound observation, sustained, reflecting the spiritual dimension that I feel in an encounter with nature, as part of the creation      

הצהרת אמן – צילומי הטבע - לחצו כאן כדי לקרוא בעברית