Moving Shadow - צל עובר

"Man is like a breath; his days are as a fleeting shadow." - Psalm 144:3-4                 

The series of photographs "Passing Shadow" corresponds to the text from Psalms, which refers to the temporary existence of man in the world. Man is like a shadow, which sometimes passes by. The sense of transience and anxiety about death is present in the works. The series of photographs encompasses different periods and situations, moments that express social life and moments of loneliness. There is a look at the other and there is a look into the inner world, even if it appears in the form of a lake in a dark forest.

We tend to attribute childhood to innocence and sweetness, but there are also moments when the child experiences a sense of smallness and helplessness. Some of the photographs express the ambivalent states. The boundaries between play and a sense of danger, between strength and weakness between childhood and old age. In the absence of colors, the black and white photographs speak in a language of light and dark, emphasizing the games of light and shadow.

I was inspired by such works as Henri Cartier-Bresson, with regard to the perception of the right moment, and photographers like Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, in the photographs of nature. The photographs were taken in Israel, Italy, Turkey, Burma and India.

 סידרת הצילומים בשחור ולבן – צל עובר - לחצו כאן כדי לקרוא בעברית